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Write Your Fiction Book

Story Outline Notebook.

As writers, or as I like to call us creatives we often find ourselves with too many great ideas but no way to piece them together into a great story. The Story Outline Notebook is the solution to this problem. Writing down your ideas using prompts will allow you to work through them logically and chronologically while also keeping records.

The Story Outline Notebook contains pages to list your ideas and format them as inspiration strikes. Following this is 18 Chapter Outline worksheets, designed to help you explore your ideas in detail. The Chapter Outline worksheets have been designed to be structured enough to guide you, but simple enough to let your ideas flow freely and take form.

The Story Outline Notebook is made for a beginning or seasoned writer who is in the process of plotting a novel. It helps you navigate through the key phases of writing a fiction novel, from character development to plot structure. This notebook makes writing easy and fun.

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