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  • RockCity Rapland 2.1

    2.1 Competition Alejandro looked over to Camilla and said Go up to your room. I’ll have your dinner sent up he said. Camilla looked around the room at all the emotionless faces and in the crowd she saw a dark haired boy who looked about twenty or twenty-one. He was gorgeous, his hair was long and his skin was dark like a Native American. The boy smiled at her and winked as she slowly walked up stairs. She wondered what they were all doing here and she wondered who that boy was. Lets go have a seat in the dining room she heard Alejandro say as she reached the top of the stairs. Camilla continued walking to her room and when she got there she went inside and shut the door. Camilla was scared because if the rest of the mafia was anything like Alejandro this meeting could be very dangerous. Alejandro sat at the head of his dining room table. What‘s the reason for this visit? He asked as picked up a cigar off of the table and lit it. Everyone sat silently around the table looking to afraid to say anything. Uncle Geno? Alejandro questioned. Well Alejandro he whispered. We are concerned about the way you are handling things especially the way you did things with the Aquila’s he said. Your father would have given him another chance, he was family he added. Alejandro instantly got mad when he said that. I’m not my father and he wasn’t my family Alejandro said. So why are keeping his daughter? And what about Tommy, he was your best friend? He asked. You just shot him without a second thought in your driveway Uncle Geno said. Do you think you can run things better than what I’m doing? Alejandro asked annoyed. Anybody think they can do a better job?! He asked yelling. I run this town! he screamed. I will what want when I want and as for Mr. Aquila’s daughter that is none of your concern he yelled and slammed his fist down on the table. It that all? He asked. I’m getting really bored with this conservation and I’m hungry, so are you done? Alejandro asked. No we aren’t done a deep voice said. Uncle Carmine you talking? He asked with a laugh. Yeah were moving your cousin Angelo in with you and he will report back to us weekly about what you’re doing he said. Alejandro laughed I don’t need a babysitter he said. The decisions final! Uncle Carmine said loudly. Angelo, go get your stuff out the car he said. Angelo got up and went to get his things out of the car. And with that were leaving Uncle Carmine said. Alejandro was furious but knew when Uncle Carmine said something it wasn’t up for discussion. Let me walk you guys out Alejandro said. Everyone began to get up and leave as Alejandro shook their hands. Just as the last person left Angelo walked back in the house. Glad to have you cousin Alejandro said as he hugged Angelo. Are you hungry? Dinners almost ready he said as he tousled Angelo’s hair . Let me show you to your room and introduce you to Camilla he said as he grabbed Angelo’s bag and started to go upstairs. Alejandro led Angelo down a long hallway to a room with huge double doors. Alejandro turned the door knob and walked inside the enormous room. He sat Angelo’s bag on the floor and proceeded to show him around. There was a California king bed in the center of the room with a canopy and a big crystal chandelier hanging from the ceiling. Right in front of the bed hung a fifty-five inch flat screen television. Off to the side of the bed sat a vast wooden dresser with a mirror. Next to the dresser was a door that led to a walk-in closet. The walk-in closet was filled with dozens of shelves and clothing racks. In the back of the closet there was another door that led to a bathroom with a walk-in shower and Jacuzzi tub. There was his and her sinks and a separate room for the toilet. The room was decadent, everything was trimmed in gold. The floors were heated and made of Italian marble. Go ahead and get washed up dinner is in fifteen minutes Alejandro told Angelo. You will meet Camilla at dinner he said as he left the room. Alejandro left Angelo’s room and shut the door. He walked down the hallway fast and angry to Camilla’s room. When he got to Camilla’s door he knocked twice. Camilla! He called. Camilla jumped up off her bed and went to answer the door. Yes she said as she slowly opened her bedroom door. Get ready for dinner he said. My cousins here he’s going to be staying with us for a while, so wear something nice he told her. Okay she replied sheepishly and shut the door. Alejandro headed downstairs with his thoughts consuming him he wasn’t thrilled about having a chaperone but he was going to make the best of it for the time being. Camilla was the last one to come down for dinner. Alejandro and Angelo were already sitting at the table. She had on a long sleeveless form fitting black lace gown. When she entered the room Alejandro and Angelo both stood up to greet her. Alejandro pulled out her chair and she sat down as he slide it up to the table. As Angelo sat back in his seat their eyes met and he smiled. Camilla smiled back at Angelo and it was the first real smile she had since she had been there. As Alejandro sat down he caught the way they looked at each other, the look of love in their eyes and it made him jealous. Camilla had never looked at him like that. “Hi I’m Angelo” Angelo said as he reached out to shake her hand. I’m Camilla she replied. If you don’t mind me saying you are very beautiful he told her. Camilla giggled and said thank you. Alejandro gulped down his whiskey and clenched his teeth. He began to stare at Angelo with fury in his eyes. Cousin you didn’t tell me how pretty she was he said to Alejandro with a smile. Alejandro quickly changed the look on his face and laughed. A beauty like hers needs no introduction he replied. Camilla looked over at Alejandro and he was gripping his glass so tight his knuckles were white. She could tell he was forcing the smile on his face. She knew Alejandro liked her but she liked Angelo. New Episodes Every Tuesday

  • Rockcity Rapland 1.4

    1.4 The Business: Preparations It was the next morning and Camilla had barely gotten any sleep. Being in these new surroundings really made her uncomfortable and she was living with a crazy person. Just as Camilla opened her eyes there was a knock at the door. Breakfast is ready! The voice on the other side of the door said. Camilla grabbed her robe, slipped on her slippers and headed downstairs. As she walked down the stairs she could hear the sound of classical music playing. As she entered the dining room she saw Alejandro sitting at the dining room table filled with breakfast foods. There was bacon, crepes, muffins, waffles, sausage, ham, French toast, poached eggs, scrambled eggs, quiche, fruit and mimosas. Alejandro stood up and pulled out Camilla’s chair. Good morning he said with a smile. Good morning she whispered as she sat down. Eat quickly and get dressed so we can go to the funeral home today he told her. Camilla knew how this worked, the Bastianelli’s had this whole town in their pocket. She knew no one would ask questions about her parents death because they controlled the police, the coroner and the funeral home. Camilla knew she might as well get over it because there was nothing she could do about it at the moment. But one day she would get her revenge, should would make Alejandro Bastianelli pay for what he did. Okay she said to Alejandro as she piled bacon, eggs and a blueberry muffin on her plate. Also your fathers lawyer will be here this evening to go over your parents will with you Alejandro said to Camilla. Okay Camilla replied with a mouthful of bacon. She is being surprisingly calm this morning Alejandro thought. Camilla was being very calm this morning because she decided last night that she would do whatever it took to get revenge, even if it meant playing along and being nice to the psycho that murdered her parents. Camilla finished breakfast then went upstairs to shower and get dressed. She quickly took a shower then got dressed in all black knee length dress to match the emptiness in her heart. She sat down and stared at herself in the vanity mirror in her room then put on her pearl necklace and bracelet. Then she put her hair in a low bun and applied her ruby red lipstick. Camilla! Alejandro called from the other side of her door. Are you ready? The cars here he said. Yes here I come she replied. Camilla grabbed her big black shades off of her dresser and her purse. Then she slowly opened the door to her room to see Alejandro standing there in an all black dress shirt and pants. He held his hand out and she place her hand in his. Alejandro led Camilla downstairs and outside to his limousine where he politely opened her door. Camilla took a deep breath and quietly got into the limo. She was trying hard to keep her cool and get through the day because she knew this day was going to be one of the hardest days of her life. Camilla sat in the limo quietly and slide on her shades to hide her tears. The driver started up the car and began to drive. She could feel Alejandro glancing at her every once in a while. Camilla just stared out of the window and never said a word. She hated Alejandro he had ruined her life. Camilla was preparing herself to have to plan for her parents funeral when she hadn’t even gotten over their death. As they arrived at the Bastenelli Funeral Home Camilla began to tremble. She couldn’t believe she was picking out their casket. She was going to have to bury her parents in a couple of days and she was trying to be strong but Camilla just went numb inside she didn’t want to feel anymore it just hurt to bad. Camilla watched as The driver came around and opened their door. Alejandro got out of the car first and reached out his hand to help Camilla out but she didn’t take it. Camilla got out of the car on her on and walked into the building not even acknowledging Alejandro. She wanted to just pretend he didn’t exist right now. A man in a suit stood on the other side of the entrance. Welcome Ms. Aquila right this way he said. The man led her into a room full of caskets and told her to take her time. Camilla looked around for fifteen minutes then picked the two most expensive caskets in the room. Yes ma’am the man said. Your parents bodies will be ready to view tomorrow he told her. Camilla then walked past Alejandro not saying a word and got back in the limo. Alejandro watched as Camilla walked past him and went outside. He watched as his driver opened the door and she got back in the limo with this emotionless look on her face. He was so in love with Camilla that it made him furious. He hated how she was treating him. What does she want me from? He thought. Alejandro stomped outside to the limo his anger consuming him. He snatched opened the limo door and stared at Camilla. I’m doing my best, what do you want! He yelled. My parents she said still staring out the window. Alejandro slammed the door and got in the front seat with the driver. They rode until they arrived at a cemetery. They drove down a winding down until they saw a small building right in the center of the cemetery. As the driver parked Alejandro got out and opened Camilla’s door. He grabbed her by the wrist and yanked her out of the limo. Camilla snatched away and went into the building alone while Alejandro stayed outside furious. She decided to have her parents bodies put inside a tomb together and the words “loving parents and friends” engraved on the outside of the tomb. Throughout the rest of the day Camilla picked out flowers and wrote a heart felt obituary. She did all of this without crying once. Even through Alejandro’s temper tantrums she managed to stay calm. But now as the limo arrived back at Alejandro’s here she was again in the luxurious prison and the warden was still angry. She knew he was itching to start a fight but he didn’t have the chance because as they walked into the house there stood the mafia and they didn’t look like they were there for dinner. New Episodes Every Tuesday

  • Rockcity Rapland 1.3

    1.3 The Business: Bad Circumstances Camilla slammed the door in Alejandro’s face and wiped her lips with the back of her hand. He really has some nerve she thought. She quickly began to search through her luggage and found something to wear to dinner. She figured she better hurry up and get downstairs because she did not want to make him mad. He had already killed three people today and Camilla did not want to be the fourth. Camilla slipped on her black lace floor length dress and her black peep toe heels. In their world, you dressed up for dinner. Then she put her long straight black hair into a ponytail then went downstairs to dinner. As she entered the dining room, she saw Alejandro sitting at the table. The table was made to seat fourteen people, and it was fit for a king. The huge table was made of wood, Italian marble and accented with gold. The dining room chairs were just as extravagant made of pure gold and silk. Surrounding the table were three men and three women who were dressed like maids and butlers. When Alejandro noticed that Camilla had entered the room, he rose to greet her like a gentleman. Then he pulled out a chair right next to his and ushered her into her seat. As he pushed her chair up to, the table one of the maids unfolded a napkin and placed it in Camilla’s lap. Then another maid poured her a glass of red wine. Alejandro sat back in his seat at the head of the table and motioned the butler to bring out the first course. First thing in the morning, we will go and prepare for your parent's funeral he said to Camilla. Do not worry about the price get whatever you want I’ll pay for everything he said. Camilla sipped her glass of red wine trying hard not to burst into tears. He talked like he was not the one who had murdered them she thought to herself. The butler came out of the double doors that led to the kitchen with their first course. As he sat the plate in front of her she saw her favorite dish Yaki Mundu a Korean egg roll dish that her mom always used to make. Camilla bowed her head and quietly said her grace. As she picked up her chopsticks and began to eat, Alejandro said to her “I remembered this dish from a party your parents threw.” “You seemed to really like it back then.” “I hope you understand why I had to do what I did today,” he added. Now Camilla could not stand to sit there anymore. No, I do not understand she yelled as she slammed her fist onto the table and dropped her chopsticks. She was getting up from the table when Alejandro grabbed her wrist. Sit down! He screamed. Camilla stopped dead in her tracks scared to death and just stared at him. I said sit down he said calmly. Camilla slowly sat back down in her seat and began to cry. If you do not understand let me, explain things to you, he said as he turned his chair to face her. Your father crossed the line and if I would have let him, slide it would have made me look weak he said. You can't look weak in this business because if you do you die, he stated. Now calm down and eat your dinner he told her. Camilla couldn’t eat all she could do is cry, she cried so hard that her entire body began to shake. Alejandro tried to ignore her, but she just got louder and louder. He was beginning to get angry at Camilla. That’s enough! He yelled. I want you to be quiet right now! he screamed as he got up and slung his food onto the floor. Camilla tried to stop crying but she couldn’t, the realization that her parents were gone hurt too bad. As Alejandro looked down at Camilla crying his heart melted and he remembered how it felt when his father died. Just go to your room I’ll have them bring your dinner up he said. Camilla got up from the table and ran upstairs to her room. Alejandro sat back down in his chair with a somber look on his face. He began to feel bad about what he had done. Camilla was crying because of him; she was unhappy because of what he had done. Alejandro knew there was nothing he could do to fix what he had done and no matter how much he loved Camilla, she would never love him back. Alejandro sat at the table while the maid cleaned up his dinner from off of the floor. Would you like me to fix you another plate? the maid asked. No thank you he said. Alejandro grabbed Camilla’s food off of the table and proceeded to take it upstairs to her. As he climbed the stairs, he tried to think of something nice to say to her, something that would make her understand him. Alejandro approached the door to her room and just stood there because he was to afraid to knock or say anything. She made him afraid because he cared about what she thought. He had never cared about what people thought of him it felt weird to him, to care about something other than himself and money. He slowly raised his hand and lowered this head then knocked on her door. Camilla he softly called out her name. I’m sorry I didn’t mean to yell at you he said. I brought your dinner up; I’ll leave you alone for the rest of the night just please eat something he begged. Alejandro stood at the door waiting for a reply, but Camilla never answered him. Just as he was turning to walk away the door to Camilla’s room crept opened. Alejandro turned around to see her big brown eyes peeking out of her bedroom door. Are you hungry? he asked. Camilla nodded her head yes as she reached out her hand to grab her food. He handed the plate of food to her and walked off as she shut her door. Alejandro was so confused he was struggling with who he was and who he had to be. This life was all he knew but she was all he ever wanted. He just didn’t see any way that those two worlds could successfully collide. NEXT>>> New Episodes Every Tuesday

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    Bio A.A.Taite is an American author who is passionate about storytelling and inspiring others to reach their highest potential. Her novels are written with a unique perspective, combining elements of drama, romance, and self-empowerment. She began writing at a young age and has since published 11 books to date. A.A.Taite strives to deliver thought-provoking stories that will leave readers feeling inspired and empowered. ​ "Words have power and I have superpowers, that also means I have a responsibility to the world." -A.A.Taite


    BASIC INFO ​ Origin Pensacola, Florida, USA Genres Hip-Hop, Rap, R&B, Rock Years active 2009-present Associated acts Hippy Himself Website Label Fiction Diction Records REPRESENTATION Booking and Press Fiction Diction Records A.A. Taite ​

  • Bougie Chick Storytime| Podcast by A.A. Taite

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