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Shift 2.1

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

2.1 Teenage Dream: Long Lost Love

“That’s why I’m glad I’m an only child.” Ahote said. “Because I would have killed you.” Ahote laughed.

“Yeah whatever.” Dyami sighed as he relaxed in the rocking chair. “So are you going to tell Chenoa what Zachary said about her?” Dyami asked.

“No probably not.” Ahote said.

“Well then you know she’s going to be mad at you about earlier because unless you tell her what he said it looks like you started it.” Dyami said.

“Yeah I know but if I tell her he will just deny it and she will be mad anyway.” Ahote said. “I don’t want it to look like I’m bitter and just trying to break them up.” He said. “At least this way I will save face,” he added.

“Yeah and hopefully after Zack bashes it in you will get some sympathy points.” Dyami said. “Oh shit here he comes!” Dyami said as he jumped up when he spotted Zack across the reservation coming their way. “Dude what do have here we can hit his big ass with?” Dyami asked as he franticly looked around.

“Man chill, lets just see what he wants.” Ahote said calmly.

“I have a good guess that he wants to kill us.” Dyami said nervously.

“If you are scared then go ahead and leave before he makes his way over here.” Ahote said.

“No I’m not scared.” Dyami said nervously as he sat back down.

As Zachary got closer Ahote could make out the expression on his face and to his surprise it was not anger. Zachary had a very calm demeanor as he approached Ahote and Dyami. “What’s up?” Ahote asked straight faced as Zachary stepped onto the porch.

“I did not come to fight I came to apologize.” Zachary sighed. “I’m sorry for what I said about Chenoa but I do really like her so could you please not tell her what I said?” Zachary asked.

“I wasn’t going to tell her I was just going to beat your ass.” Ahote said calmly.

Zachary laughed and nodded his head. “I’m going to let you have that one.” He said. “But let me make something clear the only reason I have not fucked you up is because Chenoa cares about you and she would never forgive me.” Zachary explained. “You had two years to tell her how you felt but waited until she found someone else to be honest that’s pretty immature and selfish to me.” He said angrily.

“Get the fuck off my porch.” Ahote said.

“Okay I’m going but take heed to my warning from now on stay away from Chenoa.” Zachary said as he left.

“Oh I hate that guy!” Dyami exclaimed once Zack was out of sight. “I told you should have found a weapon.” He added.

“No he’s right.” Ahote said as he stood up and went in the house.

“What do you mean he’s right?” Dyami asked confused as he followed Ahote inside and shut the front door.

“I am being selfish and immature I should just let her be happy.” Ahote replied as he sat down on the couch and turned on the TV.

“So that’s it you are just giving up?” Dyami asked as he sat down beside him.

“Yeah for now.” Ahote said disappointedly.

“Good I wasn’t going to say anything but you should try to date other girls with smaller boyfriends, you know ones we can beat.” Dyami said.

“Well I would take heed to that advice but you can’t fight.” Ahote grinned. “So I think its better if I just find a girl who is single.” He added.

“Yeah with no siblings.” Dyami said.

“So who on the reservation is single?” Ahote asked.

“Aoki’s pretty hot and she’s single but her dad is scary and over protective.” Dyami said.

“Oh yeah she is hot and her dad loves me.” Ahote smiled.

“You make me sick everyone’s parents like you and they treat me like I’m some kind of hoodlum.” Dyami said angrily.

“That’s because you kind of are.” Ahote said. “You got caught in two girls rooms in the same week and you know news spreads quick around here.” Ahote explained.

“Yeah I remember that.” Dyami laughed. “It was worth it though.” He grinned.

“I bet, now all the girls think you are a hoe and all their parents hate to see you coming.” Ahote said.

“I’m just misunderstood I mean yeah I’m sort of a bad boy who likes bad bitches but so what?” he asked confused. “Don’t I deserve love?” he asked. “And aren’t we far too young to settle down?” Dyami asked.

“All good points but no one wants to be your flavor of the week.” Ahote explained. “You are too honest with these girls you need to lie.” Ahote said. “I know they say be yourself but they don’t know you.” Ahote went on. “You have to be somebody else you know somebody with morals and manners.” He added.

“Dude that’s fucked up.” Dyami said sadly as he shook his head.

Ahote laughed, “Am I lying though?”

“No you right I am trying to get them all.” Dyami said he started to laugh. “Okay so what’s the move are you going try to talk to Aoki?” he asked.

“Yeah I think I will.” Ahote said.

“Well come on I’m bored let’s go see where everyone else is.” Dyami said as he got up from the couch.

“Okay.” Ahote said as he turned off the TV then followed Dyami out the door.

“Everyone is probably still at the soccer field.” Dyami said as they stood on the porch. “Lets go over there and grab some girls then go to the pool.” Dyami grinned as they began to walk towards the soccer field.

“Okay but let me ask you make everything sound sleazy.” Ahote said.

Ahote and Dyami walked over to the soccer field where they saw all the kids still playing soccer. Chenoa was sitting in the stands watching Zachary with a huge smile on her face. It pained Ahote to see her so happy with someone else. As Ahote and Dyami approached the soccer field everyone got quiet. Everyone started to stare at them with stunned looks on their face.

“Everyone chill we aren’t here to start anything we just want enjoy the game like everyone else.” Dyami yelled so everyone could hear him.

Slowly everyone began to speak again and go back to what they were doing. Ahote and Dyami took a seat in the stands next to Aoki and her best friend Kim. Aoki began to blush as Ahote moved closer to her.

“Whose winning?” he asked her.

“Zack.” She said. “But I bet you would have beat him.” She added with a smile.

Chenoa kept glancing up at Ahote and Aoki from the bottom of the stands. She was slightly jealous that he was flirting with another girl. He had been so shy with her but it seemed so easy for him to act like he like Aoki. Ahote noticed that Chenoa kept looking back at him. He could tell she was getting annoyed but that only made him flirt more.

“Do you and your friend want to join us in the pool?” Ahote asked.

“Yeah sure.” Aoki smiled.

“Okay come on.” Ahote said as he took her hand and nodded to Dyami to follow them.

Ahote and Aoki left the stands and started to walk towards the pool hand in hand with Dyami and Kim following close behind. They were only a few steps away when Ahote glanced back at stands and saw Chenoa watching them with this hurt look on her face.

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