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Shift 1.1

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

1.1 Humble Origins: Successor

Ahote was a 17-year-old Native American from Greasewood, Arizona of the Navajo tribe. He and his family lived on a reservation especially for people like him. Ahote was a shape shifter and hundreds of years ago most of his kind was killed off and forced from their tribes on suspicions of being a witch. Today shape shifters from his blood tribe and other tribes from all over the world and different ethnicities lived on this private reservation in Arizona.

In the past century the reservation had opened its doors to shape shifters from other countries. There were the people of India who could shape shift into tigers, the Africans who could shape shift into leopards and jackals, the Egyptians who would shape shift into hyenas, the Chinese who could shape shift into cats, and the Japanese who could shape shift into foxes. Then there were Ahote’s people who could shape shift into wolves, coyotes, jaguars and eagles.

Shape shifters normally could only shift into one animal that was hereditary to their blood tribe. But Ahote’s grandfather had found a way to shift into multiple animals from different tribes and he could even shift into different people. Ahote’s grandfather Namid was chief to this newfound tribe of shifters from all around the world. He shared his gift and taught his tribe how to reach total enlightenment and access their full shifting abilities.

Being able to shift into more than one animal and into another person was a very sought after skill so the tribe kept it a secret. There were many shape shifters who would kill for that skill. It was said that if you possessed the skill to shift into a person you could control a persons thoughts as well. The power was intoxicating and many would misuse it. Many already had.

Ahote’s grandfather described enlightenment as knowledge. A person had to know him or herself by learning their role in their family, tribe, and nature. You had to become one and become aware of your own consciousness and through this journey for self you would gain knowledge then wisdom then enlightenment. His grandfather said you weren’t a complete man or woman until you did so.

Enlightenment wasn’t something that was easily attained you had to go through many trials and rituals. Ahote could already shift into every animal hereditary to his blood tribe and he was being groomed to be the next chief. At times Ahote was overwhelmed by the amount of responsibility he had. Sometimes he just wanted to be a kid but the tribe always had to be his first priority. The massacre his kind endured hundreds of years ago was still a looming fear for his kind today and as successor to the chief he always had to be on high alert.

In 1878 more than 40 Navajo shifters were killed and forced from their homes. They were accused of witchcraft by tribe members and blamed for the horrors their tribe faced at the hands of U.S. Army. The rest of the shifters left on their own for fear of persecution. People still weren’t over the past. Shifters were still being hunted and murdered because of fear. Ahote wished he could tell those people who were prejudice against his kind that not all of them were bad. He wished he could tell them they he wasn’t a witch he was just born different. Ahote was tired of living in constant fear of being discovered and misunderstood by outsiders.

Ahote always said when he became chief he would change things. He said no longer would his kind have to hide or live in fear. But right now he was just a kid who had to obey his elders and his overprotective grandfather.

Even with all of Ahote’s responsibilities as successor of his tribe he remained childish in many ways. His grandfather Namid was constantly yelling at Ahote and his best friend Dyami telling them to grow up. Namid’s concerns usually fell on deaf ears until the day Chenoa and her family showed up. Chenoa made Ahote more mature although it was just to impress her. She changed Ahote, not completely but just enough to impress his grandfather.

Chenoa was a Black Native American from Ft. Lauderdale, FL more specifically a Black Seminole. Her family was members of the Seminole Tribe of Florida and lived on the Big Cypress Indian reservation. Chenoa’s blood tribe could shift into animals from the African and Native American tribes. She could shift into a leopard, an eagle and a wolf she was the only girl their age that could turn into three animals. She was unparalleled in beauty and in skill.

Chenoa’s father had decided to relocate them to Arizona when it became too difficult to conceal their shape shifting abilities. Chenoa’s little brother Dichali had just turned thirteen and that was the age a shifter began to change. The change was much easier for the females than the males. That’s why when Dichali began to go through the change they decided to move.

Chenoa had moved to the tribe two years ago but Ahote still hadn’t told her how he felt about her. Every time he got close to her he acted like a complete idiot. It seemed that everyone knew how Ahote felt about Chenoa, but Chenoa. Ahote had begun to accept the fact that he had been friend zoned but that didn’t stop him from fantasizing.

“Ahote!” Namid yelled. “Get your head out of the clouds and bring the cattle in from the pasture!” he yelled.

“Okay Grandfather I was just about to do that!” Ahote yelled back from bed of his pick up truck where he and Chenoa lay.

“What are you two doing?” Dyami asked as he rode up on his horse.

“Nothing.” Ahote said annoyed as he jumped down from his truck putting his shirt on.

“Yeah okay.” Dyami grinned. “You look really pretty today Chenoa, that’s an awesome dress.” Dyami said flirting.

“Thanks Dyami, do you guys need any help?” Chenoa asked as she sat up.

“No we got it!” Dyami yelled as he followed Ahote to the stable to grab his horse. “So dude what happened?” Dyami asked. “Were you two making out?” he questioned.

“No.’ Ahote answered annoyed.

“Come on, you had your shirt off.” Dyami said.

“That’s because it’s hot.” Ahote said as he put the saddle on his horse.

“Seriously?” Dyami said laughing. “Dude I gave you two years to make your move, it’s my turn now.” Dyami said. Ahote gave Dyami an angry stare. “Hey you can’t hog the prettiest girl in the tribe especially if you are never going to ask her out.” Dyami stated.

“I’m going to ask her out.” Ahote said calmly as he climbed on his horse.

“Okay when?” Dyami asked.

“Tonight.” Ahote stated.

Dyami’s jaw dropped in shock. “You look serious right now.” Dyami said.

“I am.” Ahote replied.

“Okay because I’m your friend and I think you are going to chicken out, I’ll give you one more week to ask her out before I make a move on her.” Dyami said.

“Okay you got a deal but I promise you I won’t need the entire week.” Ahote grinned. “Yaw!” He yelled as his horse darted out of the stable.

“Hey! I wasn’t ready!” Dyami yelled as he raced to catch up.

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