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Rockcity Rapland 1.4

1.4 The Business: Preparations

It was the next morning and Camilla had barely gotten any sleep. Being in these new surroundings really made her uncomfortable and she was living with a crazy person. Just as Camilla opened her eyes there was a knock at the door. Breakfast is ready! The voice on the other side of the door said. Camilla grabbed her robe, slipped on her slippers and headed downstairs. As she walked down the stairs she could hear the sound of classical music playing. As she entered the dining room she saw Alejandro sitting at the dining room table filled with breakfast foods. There was bacon, crepes, muffins, waffles, sausage, ham, French toast, poached eggs, scrambled eggs, quiche, fruit and mimosas. Alejandro stood up and pulled out Camilla’s chair. Good morning he said with a smile. Good morning she whispered as she sat down.

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