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Asia Tao and The Essence of the Dragon 1.3

1.3 Ancient Artifacts: Powers

Asia began to feel dizzy she could barely stand up as she hurriedly took a seat in the back of the room next to Soo Yun. The choir teacher started passing out songbooks as soon as the bell rung. Asia was very familiar with the song it was one of her favorites.

"Okay students I’ll teach you the first verse then you’ll sing it." the teacher said. She went through the song once with just music, then once with the lyrics. "Okay class lets begin" the teacher said.

As the choir director played the piano all the students started to sing. As Asia began to sing her throat began to feel scratchy like she had a cold and she didn’t recognize the voice that came out of here mouth. She thought to herself that’s not my voice. As she sung she realized everyone in the class including the teacher had stopped singing and seemed somewhat hypnotized. Asia quickly stopped singing and started to cough as everyone snapped out of it. She felt like she couldn’t catch her breathe. She struggled to breath for what felt like forever but no one seemed to notice.

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