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We often learn valuable lessons in life too late. We end up looking back and feeling like the best years of life have already passed us by. Why not learn right now what it will take some people years and a lot of pain to discover? The author Aquila Taite is a former stripper, drug addict, and alcoholic who found God and purpose through writing about her life. These 36 lessons are things she learned while on her journey to self-discovery. From a failed marriage to being arrested this book compiles every human emotion you face when you are lost. This book is meant to help readers find their way and their purpose so they can become more productive people. Realize that you aren't alone and there is a way back from the darkness.
Feminine Energy

Feminine Energy:

How to become the woman that masculine men adore

Society may have placed men and women on equal footing in the workplace and perhaps some other areas of our lives. While it is absolutely true that a woman can do almost anything a man can do and vice-versa, it is also true that we have fundamental differences that we are hardwired with. The problem is that when we try to overlook those differences and pretend they don’t exist, as women, we end up shutting ourselves away from the world in an attempt to be more like the men we feel a need to compete with.


Women are often afraid to be women, to appear feminine or vulnerable because they equate it with being weak. However, quite the opposite is true, because a woman who is in tune with herself and shows her vulnerability wields much more power over a man than if she were to constantly act tough.

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