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Codename: Bonnie and Clyde


Angelica and Daniel were complete opposites in every way. It was unfathomable how they made the perfect team but somehow they complemented each other. Angelica was a bombshell she exuded confidence with her kinky curly hair, honey complexion, and outspoken words. She had never imagined that her unapologetic blackness would feel comfortable next to a man like Daniel. When she met Daniel, all she could think about was him asking her can I touch your hair and do you know this rap song.

However, she was pleasantly surprised that he was nothing like she thought he would be. He understood and was unafraid to let her lead when it was necessary. He did not diminish her feelings or experiences, he listened, and he always had her back. He was the poise to her chaos and the Butch Cassidy to her Sundance Kid. Nevertheless, the stress of the job had torn them apart.

Angelica and Daniel were not only ex-partners but ex-lovers who hated each other but when the IIB (International Intelligence Bureau) desperately needed a team to go undercover they agreed to team up again. Their target was an elusive Yakuza member named Kimura with his hooks in everything from sex trafficking to drugs, murder, and money laundering. This was the hardest mission they had ever faced. They had to go deep undercover with the most notorious gangster in Miami.

What would you do if you were in too deep?

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