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Fiction Diction

Stories You Will Invest In.

Fiction Diction Publishing is an independent publishing company owned by black romance author A.A. Taite. This company began with the dream of a young girl who just wanted to see an accurate representation of minority women in the media.

A couple of years ago, the author of Law Of Attraction: Lessons You Will Learn Too Late In Life had an idea for a story about a superhero who a woman and a minority. She believed that kids needed to have someone to look up to that looks like them. We need more movies where the ethnic make-up is equally divided. She wanted kids to see themselves as more than thugs, criminals, or angry people fighting to survive. They needed to see themselves as heroes. They needed to know that there is more to them than what they see on the news or television. They needed a book where a plethora of races is represented in the right light, getting along and making difference as one. That simple dream has become so much more over the years. It has evolved into a mission to enlighten and bring people of all races and genders together.

Book List

Feminine Energy
girl boss year planner
bad and bougie daily journal
Codename bonnie and clyde
laws of attraction lessons you will learn too late in life
where he brought me from
soundtrack to my life
how to write a fantasy fiction novel
the adventures of gigi beans: gigi learns the alphabet
the adventures of gigi beans: gigi learns numbers
what i desire i manifest
write your fiction book
How to Be Bougie
how to write nonfiction self-help, how-to's, and more
the adventures of gigi beans: gigi goes to the beach
the adventures of gigi beans: gigi goes to the circus
the adventures of gigi beans: where is fluffy?
How to Manifest Your Purpose book

Staff Picks

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